Microsoft’s Word – Let’s bury the dead! – 20 Reasons why you should write your GDD in a Wiki.

Word is Dead

In the recent past I had a few discussions about the question whether it makes more sense to write the GDD in a classical Word format or in a Wiki. I have personally worked with both in the past but decided that I prefer a Wiki in nearly all points that matter. In this article I will present to you a bunch of reasons why I think that writing Game Design Documents in Word should be an act of the past.

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GameCamp – Nico Grupp’s Presentation is online


just wanted to tell you that Nico Grupp’s presentation is online at the session page of the GameCamp. The presentation is called Balancing in Strategiespielen (mit Methoden der Spieltheorie) and is very interesting for everyone who is concerned with the problems of balancing, either in RTS games or in general. For more information on the content of the presentation read my last post.