Weapon Balancing based on Gameplay Situations (Part one)

Weapon Balancing

This is going to be the first post in a longer series of articles I want to write about the balancing of weapons in shooters via gameplay situations. I was rather frustrated about the lack of information I found about this topic, may it be balancing at large or the balancing of weapons specifically, so I thought it could be a good idea to write some of my thoughts and approaches here and maybe create a forum for a more detailed discussion and exchange on this matter.

Let me start with a short list of the most interesting resources I found on the web:

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GameCamp – Nico Grupp’s Presentation is online


just wanted to tell you that Nico Grupp’s presentation is online at the session page of the GameCamp. The presentation is called Balancing in Strategiespielen (mit Methoden der Spieltheorie) and is very interesting for everyone who is concerned with the problems of balancing, either in RTS games or in general. For more information on the content of the presentation read my last post.

A Day at Microsoft – The Game Camp 2009 in Munich


Yesterday I spent my time at the GameCamp in Munich, the first BarCamp I ever visited and the first time ever that Microsoft opened it’s gates, because the whole event took place in the Microsoft headquarter in Munich (or better Unterschleißheim), which is a cool location to talk about games.

At first I feared that it will be a waste of time, because a BarCamp has no planned program, instead all sessions are decided in the morning together with all attendees, which I thought could be a bit tricky. But I must say that I was rather impressed by the quality of the lectures, at least the three ones I saw.

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