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I added a research section. On this page I will collect all links relevant to rational game design. If you have some links I missed or if you think that some links on the page are bullshit than email me or leave a comment.

Weapon Balancing based on Gameplay Situations (Part two)

Weapon Balancing

Hi and welcome to the second part of “Weapon Balancing based on on Gameplay Situations” series. If you missed the first part you can find it here. (I also updated the resource list). In the last part I described that weapon balancing can be divided in eight single steps. The first step I took was to define my weapon system. The main questions were the restrictions I want to have in terms of number of weapons the player can carry and the way he will get new weapons and ammunition. The second step I described concerned my balancing goals, focusing on the domination of weapons and their different use for different situations. Let’s continue with the third step.

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