On this page I try to collect all relevant links which deal with the subject of game design. If you feel that I missed some important links feel free to email me or just post the link into the comment section.

Game Design


  1. Balancing Multiplayer Games by David Sirlin (English) Dave Sirlin, game designer of Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, has written a very deep and interesting four part series on the matter of balancing multiplayer games. There is also short Handout availabe.
  2. Balancing Weapons Part One and Two by Brandes Stoddard (English) Brandes Stoddard is System Designer for the upcoming MMOFPS Fallen Earth and shares some of his experience in this Dev. Journal.
  3. Balancing for Awesome by Eric Heimburg (English) Eric Heimburg wrote an article describing the problems of system design and why you should try to balance for awesome and not for the sake of your excel sheet.
  4. Techniques for Achieving Play Balance by Tom Cadwell (English) Tom Cadwell was apparently working for Blizzard on WC3 and WOW and has written a good article on balancing in general.
  5. The Poor Get Richer: The Ancient Art of Game Balance by Brian Reynolds (English) Brian Reynolds, former CEO of BigHugeGames and currently Chief Designer of Zynga, talks about balancing but focuses more on the long-term experience and multiplayer aspects.
  6. Game Theory Applied To Game Design by Wolfire Games (English) Game Balancing based on game theory. Very Interesting, especially for all people who design strategy games.
  7. Balancing in Strategiespielen (mit Methoden der Spielthorie) by Nico Grupp (German)Very interesting presentation for a dissertation on the matter of balancing.